1.0.0-alpha11 - released 2015-11-14

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  • Added config.platform to let you specify what your target environment looks like and make sure you do not inadvertently install dependencies that would break it
  • Added exclude-from-classmap in the autoload config that lets you ignore sub-paths of classmapped directories, or psr-0/4 directories when building optimized autoloaders
  • Added path repository type to install/symlink packages from local paths
  • Added possibility to reference script handlers from within other handlers using @script-name to reduce duplication
  • Added suggests command to show what packages are suggested, use -v to see more details
  • Added content-hash inside the composer.lock to restrict the warnings about outdated lock file to some specific changes in the composer.json file
  • Added archive-format and archive-dir config options to specify default values for the archive command
  • Added --classmap-authoritative to install, update, require, remove and dump-autoload commands, forcing the optimized classmap to be authoritative
  • Added -A / --with-dependencies to the validate command to allow validating all your dependencies recursively
  • Added --strict to the validate command to treat any warning as an error that then returns a non-zero exit code
  • Added a dependency on composer/semver, which is the externalized lib for all the version constraints parsing and handling
  • Added support for classmap autoloading to load plugin classes and script handlers
  • Added bin-compat config option that if set to full will create .bat proxy for binaries even if Composer runs in a linux VM
  • Added SPDX 2.0 support, and externalized that in a composer/spdx-licenses lib
  • Added warnings when the classmap autoloader finds duplicate classes
  • Added --file to the archive command to choose the filename
  • Added Ctrl+C handling in create-project to cancel the operation cleanly
  • Fixed version guessing to use ^ always, default to stable versions, and avoid versions that require a higher php version than you have
  • Fixed the lock file switching back and forth between old and new URL when a package URL is changed and many people run updates
  • Fixed partial updates updating things they shouldn't when the current vendor dir was out of date with the lock file
  • Fixed PHAR file creation to be more reproducible and always generate the exact same phar file from a given source
  • Fixed issue when checking out git branches or tags that are also the name of a file in the repo
  • Many minor fixes and documentation additions and UX improvements