1.0.0-alpha5 - released 2012-08-18

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  • Added dump-autoload command to only regenerate the autoloader
  • Added --optimize to dump-autoload to generate a more performant classmap-based autoloader for production
  • Added status command to show if any source-installed dependency has local changes, use --verbose to see changed files
  • Added --verbose flag to install and update that shows the new commits when updating source-installed dependencies
  • Added --no-update flag to require to only modify the composer.json file but skip the update
  • Added --no-custom-installers and --no-scripts to install, update and create-project to prevent all automatic code execution
  • Added support for installing archives that contain only a single file
  • Fixed APC related issues in the autoload script on high load websites
  • Fixed installation of branches containing capital letters
  • Fixed installation of custom dev versions/branches
  • Improved the coverage of the validate command
  • Improved PEAR scripts/binaries support
  • Improved and fixed the output of various commands
  • Improved error reporting on network failures and some other edge cases
  • Various minor bug fixes and docs improvements