1.0.0-beta1 - released 2016-03-03

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  • Break: By default we now disable any non-secure protocols (http, git, svn). This may lead to issues if you rely on those. See secure-http config option.
  • Break: show / list command now only show installed packages by default. An --all option is added to show all packages.
  • Added VCS repo support for the GitLab API, see also gitlab-oauth and gitlab-domains config options
  • Added prohibits / why-not command to show what blocks an upgrade to a given package:version pair
  • Added --tree / -t to the show command to see all your installed packages in a tree view
  • Added --interactive / -i to the update command, which lets you pick packages to update interactively
  • Added exec command to run binaries while having bin-dir in the PATH for convenience
  • Added --root-reqs to the update command to update only your direct, first degree dependencies
  • Added cafile and capath config options to control HTTPS certificate authority
  • Added pubkey verification of composer.phar when running self-update
  • Added possibility to configure per-package preferred-install types for more flexibility between prefer-source and prefer-dist
  • Added unpushed-changes detection when updating dependencies and in the status command
  • Added COMPOSER_AUTH env var that lets you pass a json configuration like the auth.json file
  • Added secure-http and disable-tls config options to control HTTPS/HTTP
  • Added warning when Xdebug is enabled as it reduces performance quite a bit, hide it with COMPOSER_DISABLE_XDEBUG_WARN=1 if you must
  • Added duplicate key detection when loading composer.json
  • Added sort-packages config option to force sorting of the requirements when using the require command
  • Added support for the XDG Base Directory spec on linux
  • Added XzDownloader for xz file support
  • Fixed SSL support to fully verify peers in all PHP versions, unsecure HTTP is also disabled by default
  • Fixed stashing and cleaning up of untracked files when updating packages
  • Fixed plugins being enabled after installation even when --no-plugins
  • Many small bug fixes and additions