1.0.0-beta2 - released 2016-03-27

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  • Break: The install command now turns into an update command automatically if you have no composer.lock. This was done only half-way before which caused inconsistencies
  • Break: By default the remove command now removes dependencies as well, and --update-with-dependencies is deprecated. Use --no-update-with-dependencies to get old behavior
  • Added support for update channels in self-update. All users will now update to stable builds by default. Run self-update with --snapshot, --preview or --stable to switch between update channels.
  • Added support for SSL_CERT_DIR env var and openssl.capath ini value
  • Added some conflict detection in why-not command
  • Added suggestion of root package's suggests in create-project command
  • Fixed create-project ignoring --ignore-platform-reqs when choosing a version of the package
  • Fixed search command in a directory without composer.json
  • Fixed path repository handling of symlinks on windows
  • Fixed PEAR repo handling to prefer HTTPS mirrors over HTTP ones
  • Fixed handling of Path env var on Windows, only PATH was accepted before
  • Small error reporting and docs improvements