1.1.0-RC - released 2016-04-29

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  • Added ability for plugins to register their own composer commands
  • Optimized the autoloader initialization using static loading on PHP 5.6 and above, this reduces the load time for large classmaps to almost nothing
  • Added --latest to show command to show the latest version available of your dependencies
  • Added --outdated to show command an composer outdated alias for it, to show only packages in need of update
  • Added --direct to show and outdated commands to show only your direct dependencies in the listing
  • Added support for editing all top-level properties (name, minimum-stability, ...) as well as extra values via the config command
  • Added abandoned state warning to the show and outdated commands when listing latest packages
  • Added support for ~/ and $HOME/ in the path repository paths
  • Added support for wildcards in the show command package filter, e.g. composer show seld/*
  • Added ability to call composer itself from scripts via @composer ...
  • Added untracked files detection to the status command
  • Added warning to validate command when using exact-version requires
  • Added warning once per domain when accessing insecure URLs with secure-http disabled
  • Added a dependency on composer/ca-bundle (extracted CA bundle management to a standalone lib)
  • Added support for empty directories when archiving to tar
  • Added an init event for plugins to react to, which occurs right after a Composer instance is fully initialized
  • Added many new detections of problems in the why-not/prohibits command to figure out why something does not get installed in the expected version
  • Added a deprecation notice for script event listeners that use legacy script classes
  • Fixed abandoned state not showing up if you had a package installed before it was marked abandoned
  • Fixed --no-dev updates creating an incomplete lock file, everything is now always resolved on update
  • Fixed partial updates in case the vendor dir was not up to date with the lock file