1.3.0-RC - released 2016-12-11

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  • Added workaround for xdebug performance impact by restarting PHP without xdebug automatically in case it is enabled
  • Added --minor-only to the outdated command to only show updates to minor versions and ignore new major versions
  • Added --apcu-autoloader to the update/install commands and --apcu to dump-autoload to enable an APCu-caching autoloader, which can be more efficient than --classmap-authoritative if you attempt to autoload many classes that do not exist, or if you can not use authoritative classmaps for some reason
  • Added summary of operations to be executed before they run, and made execution output more compact
  • Added php-debug and php-zts virtual platform packages
  • Added gitlab-token auth config for GitLab private tokens
  • Added --strict to the outdated command to return a non-zero exit code when there are outdated packages
  • Added ability to call php scripts using the current php interpreter (instead of finding php in PATH by default) in script handlers via @php ...
  • Added COMPOSER_ALLOW_XDEBUG env var to circumvent the Xdebug-disabling behavior
  • Added COMPOSER_MIRROR_PATH_REPOS env var to force mirroring of path repositories vs symlinking
  • Added COMPOSER_DEV_MODE env var that is set by Composer to forward the dev mode to script handlers
  • Fixed support for git 2.11
  • Fixed output from zip and rar leaking out when an error occurred
  • Removed hash from composer.lock, only content-hash is now used which should reduce conflicts
  • Minor fixes and performance improvements