2.0.0-RC1 - released 2020-09-10

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  • Added more advanced filtering to avoid loading all versions of all referenced packages when resolving dependencies, which should reduce memory usage further in some cases
  • Added support for many new lib-* packages in the platform repository and improved version detection for some ext-* and lib-* packages
  • Added an --ask flag to create-project command to make Composer prompt for the install dir name, useful for project install instructions
  • Added support for tar in artifact repositories
  • Added a cache-read-only config option to make the cache usable in read only mode for containers and such
  • Added better error reporting for a few more specific cases
  • Added a new optional available-package-patterns attribute for v2-format Composer repositories, see UPGRADE for details
  • Fixed more PHP 8 compatibility issues
  • Lots of minor bug fixes for regressions