2.0.12 - released 2021-04-01

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  • Fixed support for new GitHub OAuth token format (#9757)
  • Fixed support for Vagrant/VirtualBox filesystem slowness by adding short sleeps in some places (#9627)
  • Fixed unclear error reporting when a package is in the lock file but not in the remote repositories (#9750)
  • Fixed processes silently ignoring the CWD when it does not exist
  • Fixed new Windows bin handling to avoid proxying phar files (#9742)
  • Fixed issue extracting archives into paths that already exist, fixing problems with some custom installers (composer/installers#479)
  • Fixed support for branch names starting with master/trunk/default (#9739)
  • Fixed self-update to preserve phar file permissions on Windows (#9733)
  • Fixed detection of hg version when localized (#9753)
  • Fixed git execution failures to also include the stdout output (#9720)