2.0.14 - released 2021-05-21

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  • Updated composer/xdebug-handler to 2.0 which adds supports for Xdebug 3
  • Fixed handling of inline-update-constraints with references or stability flags (#9847)
  • Fixed async processes erroring in an unclear way when they failed to start (#9808)
  • Fixed support for the upcoming Symfony 6.0 release when Composer is installed as a library (#9896)
  • Fixed progress output missing newlines on PowerShell, and disable progress output by default when CI env var is present (#9621)
  • Fixed support for Vagrant/VirtualBox filesystem slowness when installing binaries from packages (#9627)
  • Fixed type annotations for the InstalledVersions class
  • Deprecated InstalledVersions::getRawData in favor of InstalledVersions::getAllRawData (#9816)