2.1.6 - released 2021-08-19

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  • Updated internal PHAR signatures to be SHA512 instead of SHA1
  • Fixed uncaught exception handler regression (#10022)
  • Fixed more PHP 8.1 deprecation warnings (#10036, #10038, #10061)
  • Fixed corrupted zips in the cache from blocking installs until a cache clear, the bad archives are now deleted automatically on first failure (#10028)
  • Fixed URL sanitizer handling of new github tokens (#10048)
  • Fixed issue finding classes with very long heredocs in classmap autoload (#10050)
  • Fixed proc_open being required for simple installs from zip, as well as diagnose (#9253)
  • Fixed path repository bug causing symlinks to be left behind after a package is uninstalled (#10023)
  • Fixed issue in 7-zip support on windows with certain archives (#10058)
  • Fixed bootstrapping process to avoid loading the composer.json and plugins until necessary, speeding things up slightly (#10064)
  • Fixed lib-openssl detection on FreeBSD (#10046)
  • Fixed support for ircs:// protocol for support.irc composer.json entries