2.2.0-RC1 - released 2021-12-08

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  • Bumped composer-runtime-api and composer-plugin-api to 2.2.0
  • UX Change: Added allow-plugins config value to enhance security against runtime execution, this will prompt you the first time you use a plugin and may hang pipelines if they aren't using --no-interaction (-n) as they should (#10314)
  • Added an optimization pass to reduce the amount of redundant inspected during resolution, drastically improving memory and CPU usage (#9261, #9620)
  • Added a global $_composer_autoload_path variable containing the path to autoload.php for binaries (#10137)
  • Added wildcard support to --ignore-platform-req (e.g. ext-*) (#10083)
  • Added support for ignoring the upper bound of platform requirements using "name+" notation e.g. using --ignore-platform-req=php+ would allow installing a package requiring php: 8.0.* on PHP 8.1, but not on PHP 7.4. Useful for CI builds of upcoming PHP versions (#10318)
  • Added support for setting platform packages to false in config.platform to disable/hide them (#10308)
  • Added use-parent-dir option to configure the prompt for using composer.json in upper directory when none is present in current dir (#10307)
  • Added composer platform package which is always the exact version of Composer running unlike composer-*-api packages (#10313)
  • Added a --source flag to config command to show where config values are loaded from (#10129)
  • Added support for files autoloaders in the runtime scripts/plugins contexts (#10065)
  • Added retry behavior on certain http status and curl error codes (#10162)
  • Added abandoned flag display in search command output
  • Added support for --ignore-platform-reqs in outdated command (#10293)
  • Added --only-vendor (-O) flag to search command to search (and return) vendor names (#10336)
  • Added COMPOSER_NO_DEV environment variable to set the --no-dev flag (#10262)
  • Fixed archive command to behave more like git archive, gitignore/hgignore are not taken into account anymore, and gitattributes support was improved (#10309)
  • Fixed unlocking of replacers when a replaced package is unlocked (#10280)
  • Fixed auto-unlocked path repo packages also unlocking their transitive deps when -w/-W is used (#10157)
  • Fixed handling of recursive package links (e.g. requiring or replacing oneself)
  • Fixed env var reads to check $_SERVER and $_ENV before getenv for broader ecosystem compatibility (#10218)
  • Fixed archive command to produce archives with files sorted by name (#10274)
  • Fixed VcsRepository issues where server failure could cause missing tags/branches (#10319)
  • Fixed some error reporting issues (#10283, #10339)