2.2.22 - released 2023-09-29

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  • Security: Fixed possible remote code execution vulnerability if composer.phar is publicly accessible, executable as PHP, and register_argc_argv is enabled in php.ini (GHSA-jm6m-4632-36hf / CVE-2023-43655)
  • Fixed authentication issue when downloading several files from private Bitbucket in parallel (#11464)
  • Fixed handling of broken junctions on windows (#11550)
  • Fixed loading of root aliases on path repo packages when doing partial updates (#11632)
  • Fixed parsing of lib-curl-openssl version with OSX SecureTransport (#11534)
  • Fixed binary proxies not being transparent when included by another PHP process and returning a value (#11454)
  • Fixed support for plugin classes being marked as readonly (#11404)
  • Fixed GitHub rate limit reporting (#11366)
  • Fixed issue displaying solver problems with branch names containing % signs (#11359)