2.2.6 - released 2022-02-04

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  • BC Break: due to an oversight, the COMPOSER_BIN_DIR env var for binaries added in Composer 2.2.2 had to be renamed to COMPOSER_RUNTIME_BIN_DIR (#10512)
  • Fixed enum parsing in classmap generation with syntax like enum foo:string without space after : (#10498)
  • Fixed package search not urlencoding the input (#10500)
  • Fixed reinstall command not firing pre-install-cmd/post-install-cmd events (#10514)
  • Fixed edge case in path repositories where a symlink: true option would be ignored on old Windows and old PHP combos (#10482)
  • Fixed test suite compatibility with latest symfony/console releases (#10499)
  • Fixed some error reporting edge cases (#10484, #10451, #10493)