2.3.0-RC1 - released 2022-03-16

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  • BC Break: the minimum PHP version is now 7.2.5+, use the Composer 2.2 LTS if you are stuck with an older PHP (#10343)
  • BC Break: added native parameter & return types to many internal APIs, we explicitly left the most extended/implemented symbols untouched but if this causes problems nonetheless please report it ASAP (#10547, #10561)
  • BC Break: added visibility to all constants, a few internal ones have been made private/protected, if this causes problems please report it ASAP (#10550)
  • BC Break: the minimum supported Symfony components version is now 5.4, this only affects you if you are requiring composer/composer directly however, which is generally frowned upon
  • Bumped composer-plugin-api to 2.3.0
  • Bumped bundled Symfony components from 2.8 to 5.4 🥳
  • Added declare(strict_types=1) to all the classes, which for sure could cause regressions in edge cases, please report with stack traces (#10567)
  • Added --patch-only to the outdated command to only show updates to patch versions and ignore new major/minor versions (#10589)
  • Added clickable links to various commands for terminals which support it (#10430)
  • Added ProcessExecutor ability to receive commands as arrays by (internals/plugin change only) (#10435)
  • Added abandoned flag to show/outdated commands JSON-formatted output (#10485)
  • Added config.reference option to path repositories to configure the way the reference is generated, and possibly reduce composer.lock conflicts (#10488)
  • Added automatic removal of allow-plugins rules when removing a plugin via the remove command (#10615)
  • Added COMPOSER_IGNORE_PLATFORM_REQ & COMPOSER_IGNORE_PLATFORM_REQS env vars to configure the equivalent flags (#10616)
  • Added support for Symfony 6.0 components
  • Added support for psr/log 3.x (#10454)
  • Fixed symlink creation in linux VM guest filesystems to be recognized by Windows (#10592)
  • Performance improvement in pool optimization step (#10585)