2.3.3 - released 2022-04-01

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  • Added --2.2 flag to self-update to pin the Composer version to the 2.2 LTS range (#10682)
  • Added missing config.bitbucket-oauth in composer-schema.json
  • Fixed type errors in SvnDriver (#10681)
  • Fixed --version output to match the pre-2.3 one (#10684)
  • Fixed config/auth.json files not being validated against the composer-schema.json (#10685)
  • Fixed generation of autoload crashing if a package has a broken path (#10688)
  • Fixed GitDriver state issue when reusing old cache dirs and the default branch was renamed (#10687)
  • Updated semver, jsonlint deps for minor fixes
  • Removed dev-master=>dev-main alias from #10372 as it does not work when reloading from lock file and extracting dev deps (#10651)