2.6.0 - released 2023-09-01

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  • Added audit.ignore config setting to ignore security advisories by id or CVE id (#11556, #11605)
  • Added rm alias to the remove command (#11367)
  • Added runtime platform check to verify the php-64bit requirement is met (#11334)
  • Added platform package detection for lib-pq-libpq and lib-rdkafka-librdkafka (#11418)
  • Added --dry-run to dump-autoload command to allow running --strict-psr checks without modifying the filesystem (#11608)
  • Added support for bumping patch level in ~1.2.3 constraints (#11590)
  • Added prompt in require if the package name is not found but similar ones exist (#11284)
  • Added support for env vars and ~ in repository paths for vcs and artifact repositories (#11453)
  • Added support for local directory paths for repositories of type composer (#11526)
  • Added links to package homepages in why/why-not command output (#11308)
  • Added a security key to the support key of composer.json to set the URL to the vulnerability disclosure policy (#11271)
  • Added support for gathering security advisories from multiple repositories for a single package (#11436)
  • Fixed install exit code to be non-zero (5) if a requested security audit failed (#11362)
  • Fixed binary proxies causing scripts inspecting $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] to detect them, they are now more transparent (#11562) (Reverted in 2.6.2)
  • Fixed executability of non-php binaries which are not marked executable (#11557) (Reverted in 2.6.1)
  • Fixed mtime modification of the vendor dir to only happen when packages are modified, and not require lock file modification to happen (#11593)
  • Fixed create-project using the wrong composer.json file if one was set via the COMPOSER env var (#11493)
  • Fixed json editing to preserve indentation when updating json files (#11390)
  • Fixed handling of broken junctions on windows (#11550)
  • Fixed parsing of lib-curl-openssl version with OSX SecureTransport (#11534)
  • Fixed svn repo parsing in some edge cases (#11350)
  • Fixed handling of archive URLs without file extension (#11520)
  • Performance improvement in pool optimization step (#11449, #11450)