2.7.7 - released 2024-06-10

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  • Security: Fixed command injection via malicious git branch name (GHSA-47f6-5gq3-vx9c / CVE-2024-35241)
  • Security: Fixed multiple command injections via malicious git/hg branch names (GHSA-v9qv-c7wm-wgmf / CVE-2024-35242)
  • Security: Fixed secure-http checks that could be bypassed by using malformed URL formats (fa3b9582c)
  • Security: Fixed Filesystem::isLocalPath including windows-specific checks on linux (3c37a67c)
  • Security: Fixed perforce argument escaping (3773f775)
  • Security: Fixed handling of zip bombs when extracting archives (de5f7e32)
  • Security: Fixed Windows command parameter escaping to prevent abuse of unicode characters with best fit encoding conversion (3130a7455, 04a63b324)
  • Fixed PSR violations for classes not matching the namespace of a rule being hidden, this may lead to new violations being shown (#11957)
  • Fixed UX when a plugin is still in vendor dir but is not required nor allowed anymore after changing branches (#12000)
  • Fixed new platform requirements from composer.json not being checked if the lock file is outdated (#12001)
  • Fixed ability for config command to remove autoload keys (#11967)
  • Fixed empty type support in init command (#11999)
  • Fixed git clone errors when safe.bareRepository is set to strict in the git config (#11969)
  • Fixed regression showing network errors on PHP <8.1 (#11974)
  • Fixed some color bleed from a few warnings (#11972)