How do I install untrusted packages safely? Is it safe to run Composer as superuser or root?#

Certain Composer commands, including exec, install, and update allow third party code to execute on your system. This is from its "plugins" and "scripts" features. Plugins and scripts have full access to the user account which runs Composer. For this reason, it is strongly advised to avoid running Composer as super-user/root. All commands also dispatch events which can be caught by plugins so unless explicitly disabled installed plugins will be loaded/executed by every Composer command.

You can disable plugins and scripts during package installation or updates with the following syntax so only Composer's code, and no third party code, will execute:

php composer.phar install --no-plugins --no-scripts ...
php composer.phar update --no-plugins --no-scripts ...

Depending on the operating system we have seen cases where it is possible to trigger execution of files in the repository using specially crafted composer.json. So in general if you do want to install untrusted dependencies you should sandbox them completely in a container or equivalent.

Also note that the exec command will always run third party code as the user which runs composer.

See Environment variable - COMPOSER_ALLOW_SUPERUSER for more info on how to disable warning

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